Chateau des Mille Anges

Formerly a convent, Château des Mille Anges has been producing fine wines for more than three centuries. It was purchased in 1994 by Mrs. Heather van Ekris. angel bottom Since purchasing the property, major investments have been made by her in the construction of a new chai à barriques, new storage facilities, expansion and renovation of the cuverie and state-of- the-art vinification equipment. Today, the wine produced by Mille Anges is matured in oak barrels of which 33% are replaced by new oak barrels each year.


Making a better wine from year-to- year is Heather van Ekris and her staffs unwavering commitment. It is important to note that, since 2012, we are very fortunate in having our advisor and consultant the owner of Château Angélus, Mr. Hubert de Boüard and his team.

Eva Goicochea