Cotes D' Auxerre Chardonnay 14

Cotes D' Auxerre Chardonnay 14


Tasting Notes

gleaming and golden, sometimes with greenish highlights. The attack reveals aromas of almond, hazelnut and white flowers. A likeable wine which rapidly gains in power and elegant minerality. As it evolves it develops nuances of dried fruits and underbrush along with real aromatic richness.

This region of Burgundy is known for its excellence in producing great Chardonnay. The Macconais, wine-producing area in contains limestone that allows the wines produced there to achieve full flavors and mineral characteristics. This is a French Chardonnay that is un-oaked, meaning it was fermented and aged in stainless steel. This process keeps the Chardonnay crisp. 

The fruitiness of this alluring Chardonnay is broadly stroked with melon and a crisp, fresh acidity. The round flavor of apples balances the initial fruitiness, which ends with a lively, citrus finish on the palate. 


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