Fiuza Premium Red 14

Fiuza Premium Red 14


Tasting Notes

The vines used at Fiuza are 50% young and 50% old (older vines are 30 years old on average). The plantings of white wine grapes and red wine grapes is also approximately split in half. Half of the grapes used are French and the other half are the traditional Portuguese varietals.The production varies anywhere between 37,500-43,750 cases per year. The grapes are grown on 4 separate vineyards, each containing unique style of clay, limestone, and sand based soil. Fiuza makes wines of single varietals as well as blended varietals.

This wine has a bouquet of red currants with subtle aromas of mushrooms and earthiness. Full bodied and rich, this is a big red that is bursting with ripe, red fruit. It possesses great complexity and finesse.


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